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Brian C. Shensky
Software Engineer, Web Developer, and Info Tech Consultant in Ann Arbor, Michigan

An IT consultant and technologist, I've got one foot in Detroit's Automation Alley, another in Silicon Valley, and a third kicking my own ass.

35 years experience application development, database admin/maintenance and system administration with Oracle RDBMS and enterprise app development tools (incl. ERP, CRM and App Server platforms). Open Source evangelist since 1992 (@umich.edu). Drupalista since 2005 (v4.7); focus on use of Drupal as contemporary application development platform. Blossoming expert in Tableau and REDCap (clinical research database platform). Capable in online marketing, manufacturing and healthcare disciplines. Hardware tinkerer, smartphone enthusiast, Amateur Radio operator N8FSR, 6-digit Slashdot ID, unapologetic Redditor, in-house keyboardist, audio engineer and music producer. Most recently: Winnebago Rialta RV owner, electric vehicle owner (2013 Chevy Volt), DIY e-bike builder, and two-time cancer survivor.

Reach me at bshensky@struction.com, or find me here: