Let's wax philosophical for a moment – Remember Boo, Flashcom, Egghead, NetRadio, AdCritic, Flooz, DrKoop, MatchLogic, OnSale, Metricom and a million other hastily-formed and poorly-executed online ventures? So much sizzle; so little steak.  And, hey, Mr. Venture Capitalist, thanks for picking up the tab!  Who knew reminiscing about the Good Old Days could have commenced so quickly?

The Point?

Alongside the poorly-executed (or non-existent) business plans came botched technical executions involving the purchase of sinful quantities of licenses for software built from proprietary technologies complete with riddle-me-this-Batman support clauses.  Sure, there were plenty of legitimate purchases of affordable software with good tech support - but I'd bet more than a fair share were tainted by the very same questionable technical executions.  I cannot help but wonder which DotComs would still be here today if their VC was spent less on fashionable offices and media blitzkriegs, and more on well-conceived technical infrastructure.

This beef is the cornerstone of Struction – thoughtful technical discourse on Web site design and execution that starts from within and works throughout, adherence to industry standards and interoperability goals as often as pragmatically possible, and obsession with what inevitably matters most to your business, your data.

In short, Struction is about plumbing, not porcelain.
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